Friday 18 May 2012

* I did it again! *

~ 17th May 2012 ~

At midday today, there was a terrible racket outside my house. The dogs on the whole street were at their best at howling and barking their lungs off! After twenty minutes of trying to convince my dog to keep quiet, I coudn't take it anymore. Standing in my porch, I stopped to look out for the cause and realised there was a puppy's cry amidst the whole racket. Got my gate control, I stepped outside...

A few doors away I noticed the gate was open and the man there was trying his best to shoo out this poor puppy that persistently tried to get into his compound! He had tried spraying it with water and was now crazily swinging his broom in sweeping motions. The puppy would yelp and cry out each time the broom made contact with it hence the ruckus and the following uproar of the neighbouring dogs. A car was parked outside of this man's house, engine running and the puppy finally ran to take cover under it. 

Watching in horror and thinking the worst, I asked the man if it was his dog which I knew was not and he muttered about it trying to get into his house etc and quickly closed his gate when it ran out. I then tried to coax it out from under the car but it refused. Who would after that watery rejection???

I kept trying and at one point it came close enough to sniff my fingers but backed away when another neighbour stepped closer trying to assess the situation. So I ran home to get a towel and came back to try again. I motioned to the car owner I was there and he showed signs if I wanted him to drive away? With my horrified face, I shook my head sideways to signal no and asked him to wait. He nodded and I bent to look under again. 

Calling and clicking, it came near enough for me to grab its leg and pull it from under the car. Throwing the towel over it and rubbing it dry while talking to it to trust me, I carried it home. Wary of my intentions, it kept quiet but ready to bolt as I dried its whole body and legs. 

Soon it whined as it realised I meant no harm and it stayed around my legs as I got a bowl of water and filled another with dog biscuits. Poor puppy immediately started to wolf down the biscuits with great gusto! At the same time, it kept an eye in my direction... just in case. 

Meantime, my Pupster was watching everything in sheer excitement. He kept pulling at his leash to get closer but he couldn't and started to bark indignantly to say he wanted to be involved. 

I told him to be quiet and eventually he laid down and watched intently in silence. I turned back towards little wolfing puppy but it had disappeared! I found her sitting in between my grill and glass door at the far end. It had obviously figured that was the best place to hide and hard for me to get at easily. 

I clicked my tongue and called gently and it came out and licked my fingers and whined a little. Its long scraggly tail wagging. Stroking its body soothingly and speaking softly to keep it calm, it knew it was safe here and soon she slowly walked up to Pupster and they did the nose sniffs and paw touches, tails going faster each time they made contact.

Eventually, I brought the puppy closer to Pupster and began to 'shake paws' starting with right then left and finishing with both. At the same time I kept saying, "friends ok". I walked back into the house and within three minutes, puppy was playing with Pupster.

She has a brown little long torso that makes her legs look neither short nor long! With pointy ears and a dark nose, she definately is a stray. About two months old with a longing to belong. I found her to be quite smart at obeying my 'hmmm...'s and 'uh-uh's as she tried to crawl into my house through the grills. I can say she can be trained easily and is a well mannered dog. :)

When I got back from dinner, I let Pupster go and it was so lovely to watch them play together so well. I love my Pupster even more and am so proud of him for being so sweet with this puppy. He can be quite the growler but such a softie with her!

Holding his head in between both my hands and touching foreheads, I told him how much I loved him and he stood there lapping in the attention. Doing the same to puppy I told her she was safe with me for now and that I would find her a good home. She too lapped it all up. 

I've just gone to check on them and he's sleeping not far from her new hidey spot in between the grill and glass door. 

Bless them my lovely pooches! xoxo


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