Sunday, 22 January 2006

* Su-Ee *

Well, I did intend to write about dog stories when I started this blog and been straying quite a bit lately. So today, this is about a little dog whose owner decided to give her a makeover!

Su Ee is a three year old shitzu. She stole my friend’s heart in a pet shop who bought her for her daughter. She had dark hair colourings on her head and of course, as all puppies are…simply adorable!

I have only seen Su Ee lately since last year and she is a cutie. Her owner claims she thinks she is a human as she is always in the house and sleeps with her daughter every night. She welcomes you with her charm and next thing you know, she is enjoying a good rub or stroking session with you.

My exasperated friend says she is a hopeless guard dog. Errr….well, she is basically a toy dog. No? She’d run away from the two wooden elephant statuettes that now stand the same height as her when she was younger!

Adorable as she is, I find her quite independent and very attached to her little friend, my friend’s daughter. She would come sit with me whenever I visit as I give her the attention she wants.

Last night, after having spent the whole day out with my friend, we settled down to long gossips in her house. Su Ee as usual was lying in the center and the conversation turned to dogs and my friend began talking about the schnauzers she’d seen at a recent pet show.

She had been toying with the idea of trimming dear Su Ee’s coat to liken the schnauzers! And I guess last night was when it all happened. The poor dog had no chance. Within minutes, the little girl whipped out the scissors and comb and Su Ee found herself being groomed for the second time that day! Yes. My friend’s husband had just spent the afternoon combing her hair out and trimming off her knots etc and I bet the both of them must have been quite tired at the end of it.

Using a picture on the notebook nearby, she began cutting off her hair whilst I brushed another dog’s coat. Snip snip snip and soon it was time to do her head. After an hour of trimming and holding and adjusting and figuring….. they finally have a pseudo schnauzer!

I would say her head has a little likeness to the actual schnauzers, not her body but the idea had been achieved and I doubt Su Ee would actually mind the short coat on her back with the weather being so hot these days.

End of day, although she is the pseudo schnauzer, Su Ee the shitzu still manages to keep that charm she rightly owns. But first…..a nap. It’s been a long day. Heh heh!

Woof! Woof!