Tuesday, 5 January 2010

* My best friend's gone...*

~ 04th January 2010 ~

Part two :  All night I laid on the sofa beside Guzz, waking every now and then to check if he was still breathing. It was so miserable to not emit any response from him but watching his listless body move gently as he breathed on. Each time I prayed for him to go as soon as possible. I remembered the Chinese saying that when a person passes on early in the morning, it is good cos they leave everything to you and I felt as if Guzz was hanging on for that. Silly notion yes but I like to think he may have....

Sunday, 3 January 2010

* My best friend is leaving me *

~ 03rd January 2010 ~

I'm losing my best friend of 9 years as I type. My dear Guzz is pulling his every breath, gaspin in slow rhythm. His eyes are open, glazed and unfocused whilst his body is getting cold and slightly stiffening. He does not respond to me anymore. It's as if he is not there anymore yet his body is gaspin to breathe still.