Wednesday, 29 August 2007

* Guzz's lament *

Hello everyone...

I can't take it anymore!

My nana is driving me bananas!!

Here I am, minding my own business....

when I hear this clicking sound.

There she is, camera in hand aimed at me. I pretend to ignore her loh.....

but alas.....she is persistant. So I shut my eyes but that clicking sound is so annoying.

So I up and move to another wall.

Guess what?!

The mad woman follows me!

Now that blinking light is starting to get on my face and so I shut my eyes.

No....still didn't get the hint.

She had the cheek to call me! eye see.....

I changed position with a very, very loud sigh.

You know what she did next?

She came nearer or was it the camera?

Sounded like it was zooming in.

Yes lah, being around her so much I do know what

zooming is about. Cheh! Just because I'm a dog.....

Man....just close my eyes and try ignoring her.

Sigh........I can hear the zoom......please...some peace!

Oh well...........switch places

again and start over. It's just no use.
I'm closing my eyes and she better be gone when I wake up!

HELP! Or else....grrrr.....