Tuesday, 30 September 2008

* Cake Connections *

~ 30th September 2008 ~

Regarding my recent cake marathon blog, there are a couple of ladies I would like to thank. Without them my buttercream fiasco would have been a disaster as I would have panicked and given up after failing so many times.

Crumb coating and later frosting the cake was no easy task for a novice like me. Baking lessons for me were mainly from friends, family

Sunday, 28 September 2008

* cakes marathon! *

~ 28th Sept 2008 ~

I just got home from a very dear friend's house. We've known each other since kindergarten! It's her birthday, well...today i.e. but we were at her place I guess you would say yesterday, considering it is now 0142hours.
out from under the ring but thank goodness yours truly did a brilliant job with the paper cutting. And a couple of hours later, I had a beautiful heart shape cake. I wanted to do a marble effect but could not remember how and ended with a bit of red batter blopped in the middle like a heart. At least I now know what will happen when I do that again. :P

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

* designer in the house *

~ 23rd Sept 2008 ~

It's over a month since the little fella's come into our home. He's not the timid little bugger I picked up last month but he still does not warm up easily to people. Something I like so that he won't be easily duped by potential burglars. Unlike my silly Guzz who barks at visitors but it sounds more like "Come nearer so I can nuzzle you!"

Sunday, 21 September 2008

* who's that dog? *

~ 21st September 2008 ~

Thought I'll leave you with these two cute videos of the pup taken on day 4 with me. It was the first time I finally heard any sounds from him. He was annoyed with the dog that kept staring at him each time he came into the room.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

* Hallelujah! *

~ 09th Sept 2008 ~

I have a rule. I do not blog or share any personal matters online but today, I'm going to make the exception because I believed and it happened and I am so happy.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

* doggie sense *

~ 6th September 2008 ~

Recently I blogged about a pup I rescued. Well, it took 4 days when I finally heard him do a playful growl at Guzz. Since then....he's been gaining his confidence daily and his colours are beginning to show.

He still wavers whenever I call him, thinks a couple of times to come or not. There is no hesitation if he knows food is the reason. Yet, when he does come, he enjoys the rubs around his ears and body and starts to rub himself up against me for more....something like a cat does. Haha..

He is smart. Never runs out the front gate, backs away towards the house as soon as the auto gate moves. Guess he realises he's in a better place and he was not going to be caught out on the other side of the gate.

He adores Guzz, who was not very happy with him at first. You can hear Guzz giving short warning growls every now and then followed by little puppy returns. Guzz is the only one he wags his tail into a frenzy to. I only get it when I get home from school or just before I set down his food bowl!

All in all, he is a lovely fella. We are still working on his trust issues but he is very good at routine. He's been sleeping in my room since he came because I was not sure how he'd be all night outside with Guzz being so grumpy. So every night as I am ready to close that glass door, he sits behind me watching and soon as it's shut, he heads to the room.

In the morning, he heads straight to the glass door, tail wagging, excited as hell.

1. Greets Guzz.
2. Goes to pee.
3. Bugs Guzz for awhile.
4. He gets back in for his breakfast.
5. Out with Guzz till forever if he can.

Ironically whenever I am home, he checks back in every 45mins or so and quietly watches me to see what I am doing. He would peer from behind the wall first before he thinks it's worth coming nearer to further investigate. If food is involved, he sits nearby otherwise he's out with Guzz once more.

Guzz has gotten used to the idea of him staying and has shown signs of actually enjoying playing with him. I was watching telly the other day and I could hear the two of them doing a whole series of grunts and sneezes and barks, growls, snarls,etc right around above my head. I was lying on the floor and these jokers were just behind me. I turned around and there was Guzz standing there with his jaw open and the little fella's head was in there! Not only was he able to turn his head in different angles whilst in there but he was absolutely enjoying himself. It reminded me of the circus act where the lion tamer puts his head into his lion's open jaws.

So there's the story of my two circus acts. The big brother and the little happy fella who is at this moment snoozing peacefully by my side after a gruelling session with Guzz earlier.

Little fella still does not have a name and I am cracking my head to give him a good one. We made jokes referring to his lameness but no. The vet said whatever fractures he had in his hinds have healed and though not correctly so but he is still able to walk without much problems. His lower back too had suffered the same fate and you can see his back stoops a little as he walks. As for the suspect injured ribs, she said nothing can be done but lots of rest and they'll heal on their own. Other than that she said he's good. Gave him a jab and some lotion to treat his bad skin and he's looking better and better everyday.

He needs to exercise his legs to strengthen them and she said swimming is the best. Mmmm......don't have a pool or big bucket. Maybe will have to invest in a wading kids' pool? Hahaha...

He now uses both back legs when he walks. Running, he is a 3 legged dog, using his hinds as one. Rarely I see him drag one back leg but he is trying to be as normal as any other pup and he is for sure loving his new found friend and home.

He has started barking at the neighbours and visitors. Pretty fearsome sounding coming from the shorty. I once heard the neighbour telling him off for barking at her and he barked back after every sentence! It definitely was a two way conversation going on there. :)