Tuesday, 19 October 2010

* spies everywhere! *

I went to a Convent school since standard one.

* P.O.L *

When in primary school, we had P.O.L class about twice a week. People's Own Language (POL) where we broke up to designated classrooms.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

* coffee natter *

Reaching for the sugar this morning to add a 'dash' into my cup of 2 in 1 coffee from a long cylindrical sachet made me think.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

* the purpose of life *

** A friend emailed me this and I thought this would be appropriate for many of us coping with losses of our family members & friends; trying to understand the unfairness of the pains & sufferings many good people go through in sickness and life; the reasons why we are in this world.....in all religions, God is one. In this interview, his insight is befitting all humans regardless of whichever religion.
Read with an open mind and it is enjoyably true. **

Saturday, 19 June 2010

* Eugene's wake *

~ June 18th 2010 ~

As we arrived at the funeral parlour without any traffic problems or lost somewhere along the way, we saw a small crowd at Room F. Checking for my packet of tissues....we slowly walked with heavy hearts to pay our last respects to a very lovely friend.

Walking up to view him in his casket, the first thing I saw was his hair. Not combed down all the way but fashionably spiked in all the right places. That made me smile.

We actually arrived within minutes before they started preparing for the prayer service and I MUST admire his parents.....so strong to be leading the service alongside the priest! His mother sang loud and strong with an encouraging smile now and then. The strength they had within enabled them to offer such a beautiful service for Eugene ending with two touching songs ~ Vincent and a self composed song by the lone guitarist there who played beautifully during the service.

I tried very hard to control myself but the sniffles and tiny sobs behind and beside me soon got me whipping my prepared tissue out of my pocket. Along with the acoustics in the room & the melodic guitar pickings sweetly haunting the voices that sang in and out of tune; one could not help but feel sad yet at peace to be there to say goodbye to a darling gem.

A beautiful smile that switches to the cheekiest grin or a naughty pout.....Eugene made me smile whenever I saw him. His mannerisms and chatter were a warm welcome anytime. We may not have been close but little moments with him felt like we've been friends forever!

His funeral service will be on 19th June 2010 at 2pm and he will be cremated. His lovely mother announced his remains will be scattered on Sunday in Port Klang, presumably at sea as she knows he would love to be free rather than be kept in a niche. My sentiments exactly.

Rest in peace darlin Eugene and have a ball up there with the rest of the gang.....xoxo

Sunday, 6 June 2010

* facebook *

FACEBOOK...  a very useful way of getting in touch with old friends and acquaintances. Also, nice to browse through photos and remember the times..... good, bad and weird. :)

Friday, 21 May 2010

* a droolingly fabulous meal *

Yesterday, my neighbour called me asking if I wanted to have nasi briyani for dinner. I paused awhile before asking where at?
She said no, eat at home.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

* paper houses *

Over here we are constantly plagued by flyers in our mail boxes. They can be one piece or a whole... more or less 20 paged magazine! In a week you can receive a tidy pile of papers and many of these are printed on good quality paper - thick, glossy and slightly nonporous.

Friday, 19 February 2010

* Fundamentals Of Hospitality *

~ 19th February 2010 ~

Today, I was clearing my 2nd room and found a folio I had to prepare at basic training ~
' Personal Profile of FOH '.

Needless to say it was all about:

1. Social skills
2. Documentations
3. Bar Service
4. Food
5. Beverages
6. Documents
7. Miscellanous
8. Short takes

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

* My best friend's gone...*

~ 04th January 2010 ~

Part two :  All night I laid on the sofa beside Guzz, waking every now and then to check if he was still breathing. It was so miserable to not emit any response from him but watching his listless body move gently as he breathed on. Each time I prayed for him to go as soon as possible. I remembered the Chinese saying that when a person passes on early in the morning, it is good cos they leave everything to you and I felt as if Guzz was hanging on for that. Silly notion yes but I like to think he may have....

Sunday, 3 January 2010

* My best friend is leaving me *

~ 03rd January 2010 ~

I'm losing my best friend of 9 years as I type. My dear Guzz is pulling his every breath, gaspin in slow rhythm. His eyes are open, glazed and unfocused whilst his body is getting cold and slightly stiffening. He does not respond to me anymore. It's as if he is not there anymore yet his body is gaspin to breathe still.