Sunday, 26 October 2008

* silent comrades *

~ 26th October 2008 ~

Tonight I banned my two heroes from the room because little Tonto has started brown nosing my big pot of earth, not forgetting the poor plant right in the middle of it. It seems to be his latest quest to 'loosen' the soil around it. Maybe he feels the plant needs some air??!!!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

* Shout! *

~ 16th October 2008 ~

I got this cute fella from my cousin in Perth.
He'll make you smile for sure.
* big big grin *

Friday, 3 October 2008

* designing my garden *

~ 03rd October 2008 ~

Looking at my plants lately, I told myself that I had better start pruning and spraying fertilizer etc asap. It's the Raya holidays and I am stuck indoors doing housework!
Let's see.....I've been clearing, cleaning, discovering, stowing, rearranging,
So I moved it out to my living room as a table top and conversation piece. No worries, I draped an old designed curtain material with nice pictures in each bamboo give the feeling of my mum's younger days.

Feeling bit flustered, I walked to the front door for a quick peek at my two very very quiet heroes. One was asleep at the door, the smaller one was under the car. However, something else caught my eye, leaves and bits of tiny branches were scattered on the floor. They were from this scraggly shrub I liked but had very little success at getting it to grow out nicely.

Taking a closer look, I was dismayed to see there was not much left of the remaining few branches and peering behind me were the lone ranger and tonto! Guzz realised what I was about to do and stayed there to help me lure the smaller one closer (what a buddy!). As I caught the small fella, he started to struggle and pull away, averting his eyes from the very thing he was going to be reprimanded for! I had not even said a word and he knew! Guilty lor....

He struggled to pull away and when I grabbed his body to hold him in better position and also not to injure him, he starts to give this blood curdling growl and snaps his baby fangs in a state of panic! There we were, owner and pup; me trying to get him to stay and he trying not to stay. His teeth are so sharp especially at this age, I could feel a few slashes in my left hand and wrist.

Finally I shouted at him, startling him into staring at me for awhile before continuing his dance. Another shout and a few more to get him to listen, he sits quietly while I chide him but he makes sure his head is facing anywhere but the shrub.

Frankly, I do not know whether to stay angry or laugh or thank him. You see, I was just telling myself this morning that I will have to prune this particular shrub very soon and tonto here did just that. Well, not the proper way of course but I guess it would be one of the things he aspires to do besides designing my slippers.

As for those thin sharp slashes from him, I am seriously thinking of calling him Fangs! First he tried them on my slippers and simultaneously on my internet cable wire (which I found in 3 parts!), Guzz's house platform, clothes pegs, a pot of plant that now stands empty, me....

Fangs. Mmmm........