Monday, 29 January 2007

* what a day *

~January 28th 2007 ~

Today, my day started out just fine and I went for lunch with my friends. They thought of trying out this particular restaurant we'd been frequenting but at a different branch. When we got there, they only had clothes on the racks instead of food! Yep, this branch did not have a restaurant as some of the others. Hahaha!

So we headed to the famous TGIF instead. What else would I order but the delicious Jack Daniel's Barbecued beef ribs of course! It was a good lunch. :) We had fantastic company and funny catch ups and good service.

After lunch, we split and went window shopping for awhile and then I headed home in time to take Guzz and Sheba for their evening walk. As usual, they tried to drag me asap to their usual spots behind the house, darting in between overhanging sugar cane leaves and jerking on my arm.

They do that everytime and I'm sure the whole neighbourhood think I'm rather mad for talking to the dogs. I would tell them to go right or left or "not on the tires Guzz" or "walk by the side" as if the dogs understood me! Honestly, they do. Seriously, after they have gotten over their initial excitement, they turn into two perfect angels, walking calmly ahead of me, oblivious to anyone passing us.

After a chat with the neighbours, I went to mum's and was told my opposite house neighbour's dog was in an accident. It seems the brother had accidentally rolled over one of the dogs, suspecting over her hips. Being a sunday, no vets were open and our regular was stuck in some far away town at that time. He did tell them to put her in a cage so she wouldn't move about so much thus hurting herself more till tomorrow morning.
So I went over and had a good look. Apart from a small wound on her inner hind leg and some red patches of blood, she didn't seem to have any broken bones protruding. She was pale and seemed to breathe a bit harder than normal. Got my trusty antiseptic gel and applied to her wounds temporarily and got her cleaned up and settled her in the cage.

We managed to get her to drink some water before that when earlier on she didn't want to eat at all. I even tried tempting her with a rib from my lunch which drove the others crazy....but she just did not want it. :( My young neighbour who summoned my help was already crying as he felt her not lasting the night. I was quite content after seeing her drinking the water and sitting up for awhile after we cleaned her etc.

A couple of hours later, I heard the doorbell ring and my heart beat faster. Then there was a knock on my room door and he stood there telling me softly that she had gone. I went over and confirmed it. Together, we bundled her up and placed her safely away from the others. Tomorrow, either she will be buried or sent to the vet to help dispose in the incinerator.

Sad because she was a lovely pup. She had these unusual brown patches on her soft beautiful white coat and her blue. And now she's somewhere out there in the big blue sky. God rest her soul.

And so this is how my birthday ended. Happy and sad. All in a day's tale.