Thursday, 27 September 2007

* Marc Antony *

I was coming out of Paddy's market in Sydney last week when I almost stumbled over something white and furry! Looking down I heard a woman calling out to them standing close to the entry way.
Being the avid dog crazy person, I lost all interest in everything around me as I was enthralled by the the two adorable little ones in front of me.

I couldn't resist and asked my friend if she would wait awhile. Adjusting my knapsack behind me so that it would not swing forward and hurt somebody and passing the two bags of drinks and stuff to my friend, I asked the lady if I could touch them. She was having a little rest while sipping on her drink with her two boys. She smiled and nodded and that is how I have this next story coming... :)

Meet Marc Antony. Not ode to the husband of J Lo but Cleopatra. He is a bijon friese but I have forgotten how old he is. Seven years if I am not wrong.
Well, some time back his owners went on a long holiday in Australia and met some friends who had a female shitzu who was on her very fertile period at that time. Ironically, her name is....Cleopatra! How cool. :)
After some discussion they agreed to leave Marc Antony with them and collect him on their way back as they continued on their trip.
So when they made it back to Cleopatra's place, they not only took home Marc Antony but little......yes, Caesar! :P I swear I am not making this up!

Now meet Caesar at 14 months old and a cute mix of his parents. Playful and getting impatient to be moving again, he started to jump up on us and making noises at his owner.

So we all took his persistent hints and said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. We watched awhile as she sorted their leashes and how they got all excited at being able to be on the move again. Adorable....

Monday, 3 September 2007

* indignation at being understood inapproriately *

It irked me to find out how wrongly I have been made to seem something I am not through a sentence passed on by a supposed close friend to someone I chatted with today. Totally preposterous and very annoying especially from such a close source.

Is that what I seem to be projecting to this person??? How could such a thought be concocted in the first place I cannot comprehend. Of all!!!

My indignation at being understood inappropriately is overwhelming that this person is fortunate to be well out of reach otherwise.....

So I can be emotional sometimes. Aren't we all? But to the point of being unstable....
I thank you my friend for this vague misinterpretation.

People ought to be thoughtful and seriously careful when they open their thoughts to others. Specific in most sense as not many are mind readers. Opening sentences and leaving them hanging halfway to any ambiguous assumptions is a serious crime! Some may think they are being clever with words while they may actually hurt the character being spoken of.

In my case...I was assumed to be pitied with my sad life and emotionally unstable to the point of suicidal capabilities! Sad. To think I can be so pathetic in this yes, I tend to babble when distraught but do I truly seem that weak?

Sigh..........just when you think you know.....