Thursday, 27 September 2007

* Marc Antony *

I was coming out of Paddy's market in Sydney last week when I almost stumbled over something white and furry! Looking down I heard a woman calling out to them standing close to the entry way.
Being the avid dog crazy person, I lost all interest in everything around me as I was enthralled by the the two adorable little ones in front of me.

I couldn't resist and asked my friend if she would wait awhile. Adjusting my knapsack behind me so that it would not swing forward and hurt somebody and passing the two bags of drinks and stuff to my friend, I asked the lady if I could touch them. She was having a little rest while sipping on her drink with her two boys. She smiled and nodded and that is how I have this next story coming... :)

Meet Marc Antony. Not ode to the husband of J Lo but Cleopatra. He is a bijon friese but I have forgotten how old he is. Seven years if I am not wrong.
Well, some time back his owners went on a long holiday in Australia and met some friends who had a female shitzu who was on her very fertile period at that time. Ironically, her name is....Cleopatra! How cool. :)
After some discussion they agreed to leave Marc Antony with them and collect him on their way back as they continued on their trip.
So when they made it back to Cleopatra's place, they not only took home Marc Antony but little......yes, Caesar! :P I swear I am not making this up!

Now meet Caesar at 14 months old and a cute mix of his parents. Playful and getting impatient to be moving again, he started to jump up on us and making noises at his owner.

So we all took his persistent hints and said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. We watched awhile as she sorted their leashes and how they got all excited at being able to be on the move again. Adorable....

Monday, 3 September 2007

* indignation at being understood inapproriately *

It irked me to find out how wrongly I have been made to seem something I am not through a sentence passed on by a supposed close friend to someone I chatted with today. Totally preposterous and very annoying especially from such a close source.

Is that what I seem to be projecting to this person??? How could such a thought be concocted in the first place I cannot comprehend. Of all!!!

My indignation at being understood inappropriately is overwhelming that this person is fortunate to be well out of reach otherwise.....

So I can be emotional sometimes. Aren't we all? But to the point of being unstable....
I thank you my friend for this vague misinterpretation.

People ought to be thoughtful and seriously careful when they open their thoughts to others. Specific in most sense as not many are mind readers. Opening sentences and leaving them hanging halfway to any ambiguous assumptions is a serious crime! Some may think they are being clever with words while they may actually hurt the character being spoken of.

In my case...I was assumed to be pitied with my sad life and emotionally unstable to the point of suicidal capabilities! Sad. To think I can be so pathetic in this yes, I tend to babble when distraught but do I truly seem that weak?

Sigh..........just when you think you know.....

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

* Guzz's lament *

Hello everyone...

I can't take it anymore!

My nana is driving me bananas!!

Here I am, minding my own business....

when I hear this clicking sound.

There she is, camera in hand aimed at me. I pretend to ignore her loh.....

but alas.....she is persistant. So I shut my eyes but that clicking sound is so annoying.

So I up and move to another wall.

Guess what?!

The mad woman follows me!

Now that blinking light is starting to get on my face and so I shut my eyes.

No....still didn't get the hint.

She had the cheek to call me! eye see.....

I changed position with a very, very loud sigh.

You know what she did next?

She came nearer or was it the camera?

Sounded like it was zooming in.

Yes lah, being around her so much I do know what

zooming is about. Cheh! Just because I'm a dog.....

Man....just close my eyes and try ignoring her.

Sigh........I can hear the zoom......please...some peace!

Oh well...........switch places

again and start over. It's just no use.
I'm closing my eyes and she better be gone when I wake up!

HELP! Or else....grrrr.....

Monday, 23 April 2007

~ Sheba ~

When I started this blog, it was mainly about the dogs. Somehow I was distracted along the way and added other non related thoughts in as well. Then I got distracted elsewhere (actually....the word ' lazy ' keeps coming up....)

Anyway....I said I'd be blogging on the rest of the dogs at home but I couldn't find any suitable pictures of them and yes again, distracted. Also, the dogs at mum's are never happy with the camera and especially Sheba, she was the hardest to stay quiet enough to get a good shot.

Sheba came to our home from a pet shop. The boys fell in love with her and promised they'll do the works for her. How untrue. Sigh.... So the rest of us took care of her along with the others while they sought her when they took a break from their games or telly.

We were told that she is of japanese poodle and cocker mix. All I can say, she is not a real beauty but she is kinda cute in her own way. She always had this excitement about her. Her tail never stops wagging whenever she sees us and it is mostly difficult to pat her without having to tell her to lay down first. She'd be so jumpy and lots of endless licking..... Each time I see her, I have to say ' Down ' and she lays down on her belly eagerly for coming affections.

Sheba is adorable with her endless hyper energy. A kind of nervous energy yet happy and always excited. She used to get Guzz in trouble with his father as she got them all excited with her bounding energy and wrecklessness. The two of them would run all over the place and anything that was in their way....well, let's just say they never saw them.

Yes, Samo would eventually get fed up with the frenzied behaviour of these two and he would step in and try to stop (or get involved) and gets all riled up when it becomes too much for him and so... Guzz gets snapped at. Snapping at Sheba would just set her off in the other direction whereas Guzz in his later years decided to return his father's snaps and that became a different matter if not controlled.

Sheba, Samo and Sayang were all about the same age when they joined our household in their own time. After the first year, Samo hooked up with Sayang and that's how we have Guzz. Then when Guzz cleared his first year, Sheba had a batch of two puppies whom I called Casper and Rascal.

Best joke is, we still don't actually know who is the father as each pup looks like the two heros at home. Yes....Rascal looked exactly like Samo with the same long legs and short coat and hair colour. Casper on the other hand bore Guzz's features as a pup from colour to hair texture.

Sheba as a mother remained the little girl she'd always been. Playful and energetic. We gave the two pups away when they were bigger. She carried on the same as always.

Sheba is tied in the back kitchen every evening, a few feet apart from Samo. Yes, we do tie them as they get rather rowdy and into the garden patch where mum and maid pride in their green thumbs. So every chance we get, we let them loose for a few hours with a very watchful eye.

She always knew when there was someone eating in the kitchen. She'd get up and stare at you, tail wagging, hoping for a crumb or piece. Even when she is being antisocial, all you need to do is to rustle a bag of food and she's standing there peering into the doorway to see what you are having.

Recently Sheba had some very bad skin problem, fungus or bacteria related. The vet gave me a wash and some bath solution for her along with some antibiotics etc. Her skin cleared up a bit and she started gaining back her appetite. I left on the 14th for work overseas and got home yesterday i.e. the 22nd.

I looked for her and asked the maid how was she doing. Maid got all quiet and I knew. Sheba was no longer with us. Seems she had lost her appetite again a few days later and had gotten weaker. The vet said it was kinder to put her to sleep as she didn't seem to be getting better. So on friday the 20th, dear Sheba had gone to dog heaven.

As mum said "She won't be staring at me whenever I am eating. RIP" In other words... We will miss her funny face and hyper energy. Love you Sheba.

Monday, 29 January 2007

* what a day *

~January 28th 2007 ~

Today, my day started out just fine and I went for lunch with my friends. They thought of trying out this particular restaurant we'd been frequenting but at a different branch. When we got there, they only had clothes on the racks instead of food! Yep, this branch did not have a restaurant as some of the others. Hahaha!

So we headed to the famous TGIF instead. What else would I order but the delicious Jack Daniel's Barbecued beef ribs of course! It was a good lunch. :) We had fantastic company and funny catch ups and good service.

After lunch, we split and went window shopping for awhile and then I headed home in time to take Guzz and Sheba for their evening walk. As usual, they tried to drag me asap to their usual spots behind the house, darting in between overhanging sugar cane leaves and jerking on my arm.

They do that everytime and I'm sure the whole neighbourhood think I'm rather mad for talking to the dogs. I would tell them to go right or left or "not on the tires Guzz" or "walk by the side" as if the dogs understood me! Honestly, they do. Seriously, after they have gotten over their initial excitement, they turn into two perfect angels, walking calmly ahead of me, oblivious to anyone passing us.

After a chat with the neighbours, I went to mum's and was told my opposite house neighbour's dog was in an accident. It seems the brother had accidentally rolled over one of the dogs, suspecting over her hips. Being a sunday, no vets were open and our regular was stuck in some far away town at that time. He did tell them to put her in a cage so she wouldn't move about so much thus hurting herself more till tomorrow morning.
So I went over and had a good look. Apart from a small wound on her inner hind leg and some red patches of blood, she didn't seem to have any broken bones protruding. She was pale and seemed to breathe a bit harder than normal. Got my trusty antiseptic gel and applied to her wounds temporarily and got her cleaned up and settled her in the cage.

We managed to get her to drink some water before that when earlier on she didn't want to eat at all. I even tried tempting her with a rib from my lunch which drove the others crazy....but she just did not want it. :( My young neighbour who summoned my help was already crying as he felt her not lasting the night. I was quite content after seeing her drinking the water and sitting up for awhile after we cleaned her etc.

A couple of hours later, I heard the doorbell ring and my heart beat faster. Then there was a knock on my room door and he stood there telling me softly that she had gone. I went over and confirmed it. Together, we bundled her up and placed her safely away from the others. Tomorrow, either she will be buried or sent to the vet to help dispose in the incinerator.

Sad because she was a lovely pup. She had these unusual brown patches on her soft beautiful white coat and her blue. And now she's somewhere out there in the big blue sky. God rest her soul.

And so this is how my birthday ended. Happy and sad. All in a day's tale.