Thursday, 8 September 2005

* juno's 1st blog! *

* Finally! My first blog! September 07th 2005 *

Hi hello…..

This is the third BLOG attempt for me as I lost the first to a power cut and the second better one to some fault in page opening in preview. All these before I could post them onto the site and they were irretrievable!!! The word BLOG itself gives me different ideas but I don’t think I am about to share them with you. :P

As 3 is my favourite number, it better be 3rd time lucky for me at this blogging bit. Otherwise I am gonna hang it up high and dry!! So…how do I write the better of the second blog that I lost? Well I hope it will be the best of the other two…

Ok…I am already at paragraph three. Well.… it is my blog, so I can cheat. Haha. As most of you know, junoqua is part pet part zodiac. Privacy is something I value especially online, what with today’s technology…hard to keep up…

Pic here is not the pet in junoqua. She will be posted some other time i.e. when I eventually get round to scanning her pic. She was a strong and lovable character and very close to me. Someday I shall do a blog on her.

Guzz, (pic above) the present joy and pain in my life; is my gorgeous son as many of my frens refer him as. I helped deliver him at birth along with his 3 other siblings at home, something I have done countless times before. He was a dirty black grey when young which was unusual cos his mum is white and his dad is brown! Alas, he began changing to brown and I warned him, if he lost all his black, I would give him away. Thus the few black bits along the tips of his ears and tail! :D

He is very smart (as all mothers would say of their own) but seriously he is, very smart. He understands every word I say but selectively does what he wants especially when he’s impatient or unforgiving. Mind you, they never forget your malicious snide attacks. He loves to goad me sometimes and stops himself when an ‘Oi!’ is thrown at him. He also knows when to take cover when his nana (that’s me) is in a frightful temper. He can be vocal like a car sensor while I back the car into the driveway or when I forget to bring him in from the sun after a bath or when it’s way past feed time or just plain whining for attention.

I talk to him all the time like a kid and chide him so often he actually pretends to pay attention while keeping one eye on something else. Often enough I had lectured him on wasting his food or not drinking enough water and he’d just go do whatever I say almost immediately as if to get me off his back! Too smart sometimes even my hair stands. All he needs to do now is talk and that will be the end of my blogging days as I don’t think my heart would be able to take it!

Best part is, with me being away so often; he still loves me unconditionally. Sometimes he is disloyal with new faces but he always comes back with a guilty look knowing his nana will always take him back. I always tell him that I am living the working dog’s life while he stays home, gets fed and only needs to bark when necessary.

Dogs have been a big part in my growing and still... growing years. They have taught me to be more tolerant especially to the human kind (sadly true); that patience will bring you food of life and for the tummy; to curb my fiery temper to becoming the better person I hope I am today:P ; helped calmed me in many situations; kept me entertained when I was bored and …not; or enjoyed my dramatic antics and role plays (at least they seemed to be so); listened to my laments and moans without saying “ I told you so! “, sometimes offering themselves as a cushion or pillow to lay my heavy head; tissues and hankies were not necessary and at times laying a paw or their head in my lap to let me know ‘ hey, it’s ok…’

Yes, they had been very good to me and I love them all for it. Losing them was very very hard, the cries you hear would make you think a whole family had died! Coping to go on without their company and sometimes having to make the sad and crucial decisions to put them out of their miseries was also a life learning process. Somehow or other, a new one would come along, not to take their place but to start the beginning of a new doggie chapter.

There were dogs in my home ever since I can remember. Maybe that’s why I am not easily afraid of strays or others, apart from my own. I had been bitten by one of our own at the age of five. My dad, God bless his soul was a fine and fair man by not faulting the dog first. He somehow knew that his rascally young urn was capable enough to be the main cause of the whole drama.

Truth be told that I had prodded the poor dog’s personal hidey-hole with a stick and mistook the warning growls for joyful pleasurable grunts! Thus she got me on my right cheek, much to the nanny’s horror and my sister’s dismay. That night I ended up at the doctor’s private house party (what coincidence) being stitched up in the glare of a bright lamp! And the best part I can remember was the beautiful indoor pool where I wanted to jump into. Mum was pissed enough for the day and marched me home telling me I will someday die because of my pets! Couple of months later, I received some stitches on my thumb for trying to feed some rice to the same dog with my fair hand. She either mistook my tiny hand for bones amongst the grains or she never forgave me! ;p

At one point we were breeding rottweillers and dad loved going to homes with the same breed to compare notes. One day I went along and while they chatted, I had walked straight up to the unusually huge rott. Much to the owner’s horror and surprise, they watched as the rott and I played with each other, one hand in its mouth while the other vigorously rubbed its massive head. We were having a good go at each other. It was a gentle giant, at least to me it was. The baffled owner commented it was the first time he had seen his dog play with a complete stranger in such manner. Apparently it had bitten some people before.

Later my dad told me not to do it again as it may affect the owners’ perception of their dogs and make them do silly things instead. But he knew I loved playing with them and coming away with scratches and red marks along my arms and legs was a norm for me. The only thing I didn’t do was put my head in their mouths!!! That would have caused a riot!! Haha
So I guess this is the end of my first blog. I guess for now, I will be blogging a lot on my romps and plays with my dogs and others I’ve met on my travels. I have lots to share, so dog lovers….this is gonna be fun!

A woof and a paw to you….later.

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