Monday, 3 September 2007

* indignation at being understood inapproriately *

It irked me to find out how wrongly I have been made to seem something I am not through a sentence passed on by a supposed close friend to someone I chatted with today. Totally preposterous and very annoying especially from such a close source.

Is that what I seem to be projecting to this person??? How could such a thought be concocted in the first place I cannot comprehend. Of all!!!

My indignation at being understood inappropriately is overwhelming that this person is fortunate to be well out of reach otherwise.....

So I can be emotional sometimes. Aren't we all? But to the point of being unstable....
I thank you my friend for this vague misinterpretation.

People ought to be thoughtful and seriously careful when they open their thoughts to others. Specific in most sense as not many are mind readers. Opening sentences and leaving them hanging halfway to any ambiguous assumptions is a serious crime! Some may think they are being clever with words while they may actually hurt the character being spoken of.

In my case...I was assumed to be pitied with my sad life and emotionally unstable to the point of suicidal capabilities! Sad. To think I can be so pathetic in this yes, I tend to babble when distraught but do I truly seem that weak?

Sigh..........just when you think you know.....

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