Sunday, 26 October 2008

* silent comrades *

~ 26th October 2008 ~

Tonight I banned my two heroes from the room because little Tonto has started brown nosing my big pot of earth, not forgetting the poor plant right in the middle of it. It seems to be his latest quest to 'loosen' the soil around it. Maybe he feels the plant needs some air??!!!

I was gonna let them in when I thought his nose seemed oddly pale coloured and realised its usual black shiny sniffer was masked by soil! Which would mean soiled paws and some body parts as well. That was it. Caught him by the collar, almost stuffed him into the big pot whilst he tried to wriggle out from my deathly grip ~guilty as hell, obviously~ smacked his paws and bum and talking in a very angry get the picture I'm sure.

Oh's not as if I abused him or thrashed him against the pot or anything, just a reconstruction of his antics added with my angry "NO! NO!"s. "Bad boy!" "Stop it!" etc. He has to be taught because he obviously did not learn from his previous smack when he did the exact same thing two days ago.

So here I am, missing them on my bed. Can't let Guzz in alone cos the little rascal would wake up the whole neighbourhood with his howling for Guzz. Sigh....
And so I peeked out the window to see what they were up to.

My heart burst with pride to see them so close like this. Grumpy old Guzz practically can't stand him so close especially when asleep and here they awesome two boys. Who when the world is watching are having alpha issues but in actual fact.......Silent comrades.

Hmm.....some fine watch dogs they are. Should i feel safe? :P


  1. Hi Junoqua, next time sprinkle some pepper on your pots or where you not keen having your heros sniffing around.
    I love dogs, used to owned, long ago a couple of huge German Shepherds, but they shed hair like no tomorrow, so went for Dobermans.
    Had a specially imported one, huge fellow, and guard dog trained not to take prisoners, reason being I was hardly home, only my matured maid.

    Lots of homes were burgled near where I lived, but my place was never touched except once, the fence at the back was cut....(did a posting on this). But my dog sure scared the living daylights out of orang minyak too.

    Love the pic your 2 heros sleeping they snoring too, ha ha.
    You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog :). I've never had a dog, only cats. But they can be pretty mischievous too.