Friday, 23 January 2009

* A Moonlight Rendezvous *

~ 23rd January 2009 ~

This post is especially to a very affable and amiable blogger with his heart warming, sometimes teary tales with lots of memorabilias in pictures and songs. Often ticklish and an occassional loud guffaw can be heard coming out from somewhere within my throat. Hahaha...

A true gentleman
in his words and actions gathered through his blog; an incorrigible romantic at heart; admits to be a nosy parker which eventually led him on various adventures ~ most with happy endings; a self proclaimed ex buaya now living the monasterial life with a very supportive one in a million wife and still having the time of his life. :)

Uncle Lee ~ as he is fondly known, owns a blog that carries many regulars and you can feel the camaraderie especially in the comments section. Plus he makes the effort to reply to every comment which is quite a lot. Admirable...unlike many. * Sheepish grin *

When you go to his blog, make sure you have lots of time and a cup of coffee or tea or juice to keep you company as you will be glued to your seat, mesmerised by his lenghty but enjoyable stories he shares.

Uncle Lee, in 3 days you will be 'xx' and I want to be the first to wish you a Wonderful and Fun filled Happy Birthday and may you be Blessed with lots more to come!

Hope you like the little cake I made. The top right corner signifies a Friendship tree ~ my version! Hahaha. Yours is blooming cos you have many friends. *smile*
Oops...must not forget your iced coffee. *wink*


PS: Mmmm......

Oh, don't forget to stop in at Uncle Lee's :)


  1. JUNOQUA! Holy Smoke! Words fail me! You caught me there! Thank you, thank you for your heart warming gesture. I really love it....and have brought your this beautiful cake my Blog....where it will last for a long time.

    Wow! Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and hard work making the cake. I know it tastes fantastic...I can get the beautiful scent here.

    Junoqua...YOU sure one fantastic, wonderful friend...thank you.

  2. Uncle Lee,

    It's my pleasure. I am glad you like it. It was a small cake actually, slightly bigger than a cupcake. The candle is heart shaped.

    So honoured you took it to your blog! Making me blush! *smile*

    Happy Birthday Uncle Lee and Kong Hei Fatt Choy! Thanks for dropping in......:)