Saturday, 22 January 2011

* A year has passed... *

* 22nd January 2011 *

A year has passed since you left us,
Taken to a better place we like to believe. 
Free from all kinds of pain and abuse, 
Anguish, stress and loyalties.
We watched you slowly waste away,
You fought so hard to stay alive.
Your eventual silence given in to speech impediment,
Your spirit ebbing with each added weakness.
Time heals all wounds... we often hear said,
And yet here we are still missing you...
The aching loss still fresh in our minds.
Missing your laughs and witty words, 
Thoughtful ways and always helpful.
Our spates of giggles kept us close,
Sharing the good, the bad and the ugly.
A year has passed yet it feels like yesterday, 
So cliche but so very true.
We miss you loads but we've come to accept,
You're now at peace with loved ones.
Rest in peace my beautiful sister,
Just can't wait to be together again.


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