Sunday, 30 October 2005

* Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! *

~ 30th October 2005 ~

When I first started this blog, I went through a few hitches just to get the first one posted! You can read that in * juno's first blog *. When I told my friends about my proud new blog, one of them asked me, " Why? "

Mmmm.....well, I have always liked to write but only when in the mood. I can take a long time to get the words and phrases right because at the end of it, I want those who read them to feel what I feel and to enjoy the stories I share.

I have loads of dog stories to share especially but I had added some personal ones in between. However, I do have a tendency to get carried away and write some really long ones because I can't seem to stop! But when I do stop...I was affected by ' writer's block ' lately till I forced myself to finish the piece on Guzz's mother, Sayang. Then that hot little spiffing me on fire.

My friend asked me today who were the comments from and I was surprised when she said there were a few! So I checked and only managed to send a comment back to one person. The others, I can't seem to get to your blog or maybe, am not doing it right....

So this blog is to say 'Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!' for reading my blogs and liking what you read. This will definitely keep me in the mood to write more often.

One thing for sure....this blogger's purpose is to entertain and entertained, it has.

peace, love , doggies.....amen.

P/S: See what I mean about being carried away.....Thank you! :)


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