Tuesday, 8 November 2005

* schoolgirls round-up *

~ 08th November 2005 ~

Three days ago, I met up with the usual gang. A reasonably big group of women who have known each other from school, some as far as kindergarten days! Yes, quite a number of moons ago…

It was the Indian Festival of lights –DIWALI or Deepavali as we know it better here and our friend had a separate do for our group a few days after the main day.

Needless to say, once we got around the table, it felt smaller and the conversations got louder mixed with long ago schoolgirl giggles and cackles as we caught up in each other’s lives and anecdotes. Our few parents at the party seemed not to notice as it was a normal scene for them. They had to get used to this since we were young! There was a point we were kinda quiet and I noticed they were staring at our table, faces comical as they wondered at the silence. I guess we were taking a ‘small’ break!

Many have commented at how we all still looked the same but better from school days and were mainly surprised at our camaraderie after all these years. ( Yes, yes…..quite a number of moons since! ) The laughs and old ways never seemed to have left us whenever we gathered. Come to think of it all, even with the careers we have where we have to be on our proper best…we became the same old bunch from those days. All prim and proper etiquettes went out the door. Of course we are not that bad…just a leg tucked under here or there, slapping wrists, animated arms and hands flying about in between narrations, couple of sound effects that can be sold for a song, faces contorting according to tales, etc. You get the picture I’m sure.

Yes, it’s rare to see a group of friends get together at least four times a year since leaving school. We try to get as many in each gathering but distances and work have been many excuses. The average number of regulars among us lately has been five at least. Of course, I missed a few small meets as I was away but hey, they didn’t need my entertainment all the time right? I’d been boring by the time we get old!

This Deepavali, there were seven of us. Some missing due to the long holidays. Though it was a small group, we had so much fun catching up and never stopped laughing. Maybe these meets are part of the secret that has kept us well grounded and young at heart. Not forgetting looking young too!

Whatever it is, I’ll never trade them for a posh dinner with the rich for these gatherings have been truly rich enough for me. They make the best memories. Three cheers to the old girls with young hearts!

Muah, muah muah!

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