Wednesday, 21 December 2005

* Christmas *

~ December 21st 2005 ~

Christmas is almost here! Everywhere is crazy, the mad rush is on and I am almost done with my pressies and cards for this year! Yippee!!
Every year is one big dash to do my letters and ready the list on the naughty and nice. Brain storming with catalogues and malls on what to get who what and not... *smile* But I managed to complete 95% and that is an achievement, given my hectic schedule.
Rome at this time is cold and it looks like a cloudy day today. It's a wednesday and I heard the pope says mass on wednesdays and sundays. Maybe we will get some Christmas blessings later.....confessions before Christmas, mmm.....
Anyway, I would love to wish everyone who drops in here a very Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year! Maybe I shall blog one of these days while I am sleepless in Roma and not in the company of two gentlemen engaged in a very intense discussion in french seated two feet in front of me! I am trying to be polite by not disturbing them with my clikkety clak on the keys. Also, am controlling myself from blurting out my colourful accompaniments when i make mistakes! Don't think they will approve, a petite cutie swearing at 100 words per second! * chuckle *
So have fun during these festive seasons and a prosperous 2006 to all of us! Ciao...:)

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