Wednesday, 28 December 2005

* Kgs pile up! *

~ 28th December 2005 ~

Help! The kilos are doing a pile up and I am in trouble. I used to be able to 'slip' into my clothes with ease but these days... it's like fighting gravity as you raise your arms to fit through the sleeves. Shall I use the excuse 'frozen shoulder' ? Trying to slip into my clothes is fast becoming a myth and quite breath taking at the same time. I now have a bluish hue about me as I titter about in my 'fitting' clothes.

Blame it on Christmas I'd say. All those dinner invitations beginning from the eve or even before and right up to the impending new year..... I must admit, the food were good and in utter abundance. Even doggie packed some home so as to help the hosts not have the same leftovers till new year! Poor things.
Though after two consecutive dinners are enough to tell me that I need to take a break - a long healthy one that is; but truth be told, I am out the next day gorging on lunch and desserts and more food.

It's the spirit of christmas where everyone cooks their finest and wants to feed you cos it's christmas! It's the perfect excuse for getting together and catching up on the past year and enjoying each other's company. Hosts either cook or as the norm these days, cater.

We've been catering for a few years and everyone loves to come because of the lamb pit. These guys will set up the pit at our place and by the time the party is about to start, the lamb is ready to be cut up and presented to the now familiar lamb loving crowd. A plate will be piled with the juicy meat and placed in the center of the table by the respective table's self elected hosts. Within minutes you will be able to tell if the plate was white or blue in colour and made of melamine or paper!

Mum said some actually parked themselves next to the lamb table waiting patiently while the man cuts the pieces, one person hardly moved from the area until he had filled his tummy insatiably with the prized dish of the evening. *cheek!*

I wouldn't talk about other countries but Malaysians have evolved and many are learning that there's more than the usual chicken and fish dishes. What with international trading and visitors, the variety of food is endless and you can find almost a bit of many countries' cuisines right in Kuala Lumpur.

However, due to commercial reasons many cannot be endorsed authentic enough by those who do know the actual tastes and flavours arising from these cuisines and claim disgrace to their country. Yet the smarter ones do fusion of their country and ours and surprises have delighted many instead.

Sigh.....talking about food has started the juices in my stomach and this means I have to go look for... you got it! How did I get into this subject anyway?

Well, with the kgs piling on and another eight more days of christmas to go through and new year sneaking in between...... it's been another year and soon into another one. Happy christmas again everyone and merry merry new year to you too!

Let's not forget the unfortunates during these times especially and count the blessings we are having compared to them. May 2006 be a motivated year for all of us to be wealthy in life, health, happiness and love so that we are able to help the unfortunate ones whenever we can.

God Bless.....Shalom.

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