Sunday, 3 August 2008

* Caack! Aack! Ssssstttt!!! *

~ 3rd August 2008 ~

Ok....I had planned on starting with a story of my dog Samo after a long 'hiatus' of sorting out my life and lazy fingers.....BUT... I have to spit this out! It's too much on my mind now.
I have been fighting the cold for a few days now and with the haze outside, it's been very bad. It is quite bad for me because sometimes I feel as if a hundred smokers just left my house after a puff. And the lingering smoke is invading my nostrils and lungs and I honestly, honestly feel as if I'll go into respiratory failure any time as my nose gets so badly stuffed up and the you know what is filling up inside my very sore throat and the cough.....the cough.....sigh....
Anyway, I was taking a shower earlier and just as I closed my eyes to wash the cleanser off my face, I felt something run over my foot! In that split second I tried to reassure myself it was just the itsy bitsy bunch of hair I rinsed off my hands after applying conditioner but trouble is I remember seeing it go down the drain. So in mighty haste I tried to rinse my face clean and open my eyes in almost the same time.
It was as I had suspected, a lone cockcroach had just run off to the side wall, trying to avoid the shower. I grabbed the shower spout off its place and started to spray at it towards the metal cover of the drain hole. As I opened the cover, I nearly fell over when more came out of it!!! I backed away in fright (trust me, it was no easy task as it is not a huge bathroom) and sprayed at them as fast as they came rushing out towards me.
Dumping the shower spout into the sink and believe it or not, I had actually contemplated amidst my fears and fright in that crazy moment, which position would be best so that it would not spray all over the place! I unlatched the door and ran out to get the insect spray. Naked, wet and shampoo dripping from my head, I ran back in and started spraying at them as they rushed to the door. SSssssttttt! Ssstttt!!!SSSttt!! SStt!! There were at least six of them and they immediately turned over, legs waving about in the air. I sssstttt a bit more at them to lessen their suffering and suffocation or whatever.
Standing at the door with the spray can in my hand, I tapped the door just in case one got farther than I expected and then looked at the upturned bodies, I sprayed the metal cover for assurance and started to spray water at the dead bodies towards the drain hole.
Caack! Caacck! I went, the fumes from the spray and the steam from the hot to me as i washed those poor fellas to where they came from. Caacck!! Aack!! I felt my chest was about to explode with the whole combination of insecticide spray and hot water and steam and fright just got me coughing and gagging like crazy for a whole ten minutes.
Of course I had to finish my shower and that's how long I caaccked and aacked till I was able to breathe proper air once I got out of the door. I looked at the spray can and smiled. My hero. Works everytime like a charm.
I finally found a brand that got at them in two bursts. Usually they would turn over, legs kicking in the air and then turn back upright and run away and I would be chasing and spraying some more..... But this one, once makes it fall over. Two, it would be kicking a little before it stops. I would spray another time (at larger ones)to help it die faster as I can't stand to see it struggling. Humane or just to make sure? Mmmm.....
I'm sorry but cockcroaches scare me, especially when they fly! I usually leave the lizards and spiders to wander about with a warning to never come near me or startle me unnecessarily. Yet I cannot offer the same to the cockcroaches. I'd go berserk at the sight of one and you can see me rushing off to the nearest spray can.
So, here I am, safe in my room, safe from these roaches and with my effective spray can parked safely beside me just in case.....:P

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  1. eh.. before you wrap yourself with your bath towel after a shower... remember to check if there is any "kah chuak" or cicak on it.. hehehe