Tuesday, 5 August 2008

* Fluke or Real? *

~ 05th August 2008 ~

In my first blog post I mentioned of a probable heart attack if Guzz starts talking to me one day. Well....it didn't quite happen that way today but let's just say I had early angina.

Guzz has been banned from the entering the house for more than two weeks now. Prior to this he was more of the house dog than the watch dog. There were nights when I locked up, he would give me that 'uh uh ' look and sprint into my bedroom, laying in wait with sad eyes as I come round to get him out. Of course, one look and I was emotionally manipulated to let him stay. Sometimes you can see me doing a fitful dance as I fought within myself to let or not let him sleep in!

He has since accepted the fact his indoor priviledges have been revoked and some days he would stand ready to rush in when I am opening the door but backs off when I warn him to forget his intentions. Other times he would just watch me from a distance as if he was not bothered.

So today, my mum and help came awhile and I left the grill slightly ajar. Guzz seized the oppourtunity to sit just inside the entrance on the mat. Pretty soon he was comfortably fast asleep, his nose twitching as he dreamt of whatever dogs dream of.

Later, our help said something and he moved places within the same place and laid his head on his paws almost dozing. She commented on how comfortable he was.

I stood about 4 feet from him and this is what happened.

I said, "Mmm.." (Ahem!) He stirred a bit, slowly lifting his lids a quarter open.

Then I said, "Ah...." (Yes...?!)His eyes opened slightly more and there was a hint of a wag somewhere.

"SO?" (Well..??!!) His tail began to wag harder and he lifted his head slightly in my direction.

"Hor" (Well??!! in a tone higher) He gets up, stretches and smiles at me.

"What?" (What you gonna do?) He turns towards the door and steps out, tail wagging slowly and makes a 360 degrees turn and looks at me.
He yawns while still wagging his tail, a consistent pendulum rhythm and gives me his sad eyes " It was just for a little while..."

I turned to our help and pointed out how he understood my intentions without me actually saying words like get up or go outside, etc.

Then I looked at Guzz, " You know very well what you are not supposed to do yet you tried huh?"
" Don't give me that look and go drink some water. "
Guzz looks at me, yawns again and shifts about.
" I said go drink some water "
He gives me a strange look and slowly turns to his left before walking in that direction. My hair stood a little as I realised he was heading towards his water bowl.
I walked to the doorway and to my * Indescribable feeling * , watched him with incredulity as he drinks from his water bowl! Yes, part of the hairs along my back stood at his reaction to my unspoken words. He knew all along what I was getting at and got back at me by doing exactly what I wanted of him.

Would you call it fluke? Or was it a coincidence? Or is my Guzz really that smart?

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