Thursday, 20 November 2008

* pain blog *

~ 20th Nov 2008 ~

Right this is going to sound really off but then again, I am kinda loco....

I had fallen on my back about 23 minutes ago, kinda 'flup!' but my right hand had to do a smack down ( palm downwards ) first just before my back kissed the floor. It was a weird feeling as I went down kinda slow motion.

I thought of using both my hands to break the fall but remembered not a good idea or roll to one side to avoid minimal injury or try and lean forward so I don't go flat out. Alas...thought processes too slow and the right hand tried the heroic 'break fall' whilst the rest of me went " Oh No! I can't stop this at all!!! " as I lamely flew off my feet, saw them higher up before me for a split second before feeling the cold terrazo floor with my back. I did manage to keep my head up, so I guess that saved a concussion. Hahaha

Lying on the cold floor with my pants half way down past my feet ( you got it! The root of my evil. ;) thought I'd save time sliding them off along the way ;P) brought back memories of my last big fall some years back except I had landed on my front with a big thump! I immediately realised the chills and stiffness ~ nah...not death silly. I guess my body was preparing to go into stage two which is faint. First is shock.

No....with my luck, can't get away with simple stuff. As I called myself several unmentionable names, another part of me was feeling a sharp pain running along my hand attached to the afore mentioned 'heroic' hand. "Not again!" I groaned as I slowly tested with my cowardly hand to sit up. Next I thought of the two kids coming tomorrow. I can't carry baby B and that seemed to upset me more than whatever else that was in present time. Did I mention I am kinda loco?

Stood up, didn't sway but the chills were a lot more and ice water came to mind and FAINT was right behind it. Hey, I was not going to let this be my first faint and on the quiet..??? So I shirked off the offending pants, changed into my home shorts, grabbed my mobile and house keys to go moan at my neighbours. Once again, I was thwarted by the late hour and them having turned in to bed.

My heroes had done their biz and I grabbed the hose and started cleaning, pain or no pain. I was determined to use my arm before it stiffened up on me. Self diagnosis (dr qua without designer ck )  ...sudden jerk to wrist especially, nerves along forearm are throbbing, leading to the upper limb. No visible fractures and thumb and fingers are doing well in light grips. Just some throbbing pulses slowly creeping up past my elbow now.

And then it hit me. Blog now to make use of the fingers and arm.  Real reason, this could be my last entry. ;) So the words flew in my head and 'pain blog' seemed to be the best header. Next was a debate to use hot or cold compress!! Must be the faint feeling....*whistle!* No worries, cold ice pack on my arm as I type but something else is happening, my eyes are feeling very heavy. Actually took a few (ahem).

I can't straighten it fully and the pain is centered around my elbow - hope it's not revived my old fracture. :(. Felt the joints stiffening and swelling up earlier but after some ice swelling but pain still there.

Guess I'd better go pop some pain killers and glucousamine (miracle workers) and vit E before turning in. Hopefully I don't wake up looking sexy on my left and a budding wrestler on my right!!!

Ok ok, this is El Loco signing out and hopefully see you tomorrow. If  not, you can guess what happened. :) *wink!*


  1. Ouch! Sorry about the fall. That sounds like it hurts.

  2. Ouch... Sounds painful... Take care... and even though it may sound loco... Not a bad idea to go see a doctor...

  3. Hi Junoqua, wow! Regret you had no parachute....hope its not anything serious.
    Better put something on it...ointment or whatever. If pain carries on, go check it out, x-ray?

    For us, its the season of falling downs....its icy outside, all white with snow.

    And sometimes have to walk like a duck on the icy paths or to carpark.

    Once I had a bad fall....down a staircase, landed on my back on a step, and was unconscious. Oh boy, did my wife who happened to be sleeping, it was a Sunday morning...when she heard a loud chimpedak dropped.

    She went ballistic seeing me lying on my back unsconcious and I hearing her voice from 'farrrr away' caling and calling my name. She somehow revived me...couldn't walk properly for months, and today got a bad scar on my back.
    But sure scared her, thought she had become a widow.

    And since then, every winter when on walkabouts, she holds my arm, afraid I scare her again, ha ha.
    Instead she sacared me falling on her shapely backside on the ice, ha ha. Lee.

  4. Hi everyone,

    Yes my arm hurt a lot and I became sooo sleepy after blogging I snuggled into a ball and slept without pain killers etc. Imagine the pain when I woke up! Urrgh!
    I shall continue with what happened next soon.
    Thanks for your concern. Appreciate them. :)
    Have a good week!

  5. Hi Junoqua, hey...I saw you popped into my blog, but I lost you at my Immigration checkpoint, ha ha.
    Where or which posting you dropped to? I searched but regret can't find you....too many to go thru.
    Please advise so I can reply if any.
    Thanks, hope your golf arm is okay, *wink*, Lee.

  6. Hi Junoqua, thank you for the warm compliments this morning....
    THE BEST LOVE STORY I have posted is 19 EPISODES LONG, took 3 weeks to conclude.
    A beautiful matured woman's love for a man half her age, me, ha ha.

    Check out my archive,
    "A Faded letter from the past", d/d 1/4/08. Have a nice day, Lee.

  7. Oh ya, pls let me know when you start on me at my previous posting to present one. to hear from you. L.

  8. Hi Junoqua, I can't locate your last 2 comments....where are you?
    Mayb what you can do is put your comments in previous posting...have been searching for you....Lee.