Saturday, 23 May 2009

~ what is fashion? ~

~ 23rd May 2009 ~

I am currently watching The Tudors where King Henry dresses for his wedding to Princess Anne played by Joss Stone! Anyway, the first thought that struck me as I was drawn to the material of his sleeves....sheer material beautifully embroidered with slight intricate flowery movements; full and puffed ending
 in long tight cuffs and delicate lace frills.

His beautiful long silver ash grey coat in its enthralling splendour wrapped with a large belt and a big square buckle leaving it to flare with big pleats. To finish the ensemble was a heavy necklace of circular metal (probably silver) discs embedded with stones and gems in shades of opaque white, black gems and diamonds I'm sure.

The collar, high and again with pleated edges whereas the shirt's collar has the same delicate lace as the sleeves. All in all, a beautiful ensemble and indeed grand. I love the colours.

So suffice to say, it struck me that such lace and frills and pleats were seen on the modern man's clothes today would immediately doom those who wear them as gay. Yet in those days, these were the fashion worn and adored by men then.

Now it is all simple and less complicated but then again I may be contradicitng myself as some shirts are sewn with stitches on the outside ~ fashion; and instead of intricate embroidered designs, it's abstract, word wrong, blotches of prints on them!

Mind you, I am not complaining. Merely making a comparative chain of observation from a no fashion dummy like me. ;)

Have a good weekend.

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