Sunday, 7 June 2009

~ winning colour ~

~ 07th June 2009 ~

Ok, a quick one........ Once in a while I would play gin with my neighbours. We would set up the table, figure the chips and remove a set of tiles so we can play three kaki (3 players).

Last time I played I won less than RM3 and that is ok lah considering we play small. So last friday, I wore the same turquoise shirt I had on and told them it is now my official lucky shirt! *wink*

Sheer luck I won double of my last win from other two players and they made a crack at my shirt. Anyway....on saturday, we played again and I wore a different shirt but of the same colour and they noticed right away.

However, the tiles were not going well my way this time and you can say I lost what I won from the two previous games. While we were playing, I playfully said the blue was not in my favour and they said must be because they too were wearing blue as well!!! Then only did I notice the colours of their shirts! Hahahhaha

Whether pure coincidence or superstition, we all had a good laugh over it. Now I shall have to try again the winning shirt if it actually works. Next round? * grin *


  1. Hi Junoqua, hey...I must have a game with you.
    I hardly play Gin, mostly poker, but small stakes only...
    but was never good at Gin, always get caught holding the 'baby' so to speak, ha ha.

    Used to play 1 cent a point, then graduated to 3 cents then 5 cents. But never more.
    We play more to chat, gossip and joke, whose hubby ran away with the maid, whose wife expecting, whose daughter just put on bra first time, ha ha ha.

    Really thrilled turning on my Apple saw you had dropped by. Thank you.
    You stay easy and have a fun week, Lee.

  2. Hi Uncle Lee,

    Thanks for dropping in. I hardly get any visitors here apart from you and a few countable on one hand. Hahahaha

    Errr......I also play Cho-tai-tee aka Hong Kong poker. REal poker........sorry, don't have the face! Heh heh.

    But I agree with you, it's the jokes and stories exchanged at the table that makes it all fun.

    Like your new blog change. Might list you a list of how tos when I can. Hahahaha

    Take care :)

  3. Hi Junoqua, HK poker? Ha ha, will take a pass on that.
    I play cards more to have fun shooting the breeze than to make money from friends.
    And throwing back a few Jack Daniels same time.
    Really happy you like my new Blog....
    been 3 years.....this time a ha ha, designer style, *wink*.
    Have a nice day, Lee.