Saturday, 19 June 2010

* Eugene's wake *

~ June 18th 2010 ~

As we arrived at the funeral parlour without any traffic problems or lost somewhere along the way, we saw a small crowd at Room F. Checking for my packet of tissues....we slowly walked with heavy hearts to pay our last respects to a very lovely friend.

Walking up to view him in his casket, the first thing I saw was his hair. Not combed down all the way but fashionably spiked in all the right places. That made me smile.

We actually arrived within minutes before they started preparing for the prayer service and I MUST admire his strong to be leading the service alongside the priest! His mother sang loud and strong with an encouraging smile now and then. The strength they had within enabled them to offer such a beautiful service for Eugene ending with two touching songs ~ Vincent and a self composed song by the lone guitarist there who played beautifully during the service.

I tried very hard to control myself but the sniffles and tiny sobs behind and beside me soon got me whipping my prepared tissue out of my pocket. Along with the acoustics in the room & the melodic guitar pickings sweetly haunting the voices that sang in and out of tune; one could not help but feel sad yet at peace to be there to say goodbye to a darling gem.

A beautiful smile that switches to the cheekiest grin or a naughty pout.....Eugene made me smile whenever I saw him. His mannerisms and chatter were a warm welcome anytime. We may not have been close but little moments with him felt like we've been friends forever!

His funeral service will be on 19th June 2010 at 2pm and he will be cremated. His lovely mother announced his remains will be scattered on Sunday in Port Klang, presumably at sea as she knows he would love to be free rather than be kept in a niche. My sentiments exactly.

Rest in peace darlin Eugene and have a ball up there with the rest of the gang.....xoxo

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