Sunday, 6 June 2010

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FACEBOOK...  a very useful way of getting in touch with old friends and acquaintances. Also, nice to browse through photos and remember the times..... good, bad and weird. :)
When I was in my former job, I preferred to be on a low profile basis but I made a lot of friends at work, remembering the many memorable experiences we shared on various trips. Unfortunately, my memory is so bad that I tend to either remember faces or names or certain incidents - good and bad.

So when I curiously browse through my friends' lists of friends and there are so many I would see and wanna click 'add to my friends list' but stop because I am afraid they would not be able to recognise me because of my preferred status then.

I take friendships seriously though I don't expect many to do the same so before clicking I contemplate if I am putting them in a spot to 'accept' because they can't remember and feel bad to ignore or to add the figure on their number of friends or they are simply embarrassed they can't remember!

I know the feeling because I get some I can't figure who and yet there are many I would feel so tearfully happy at the fact they remember me enough to 'request'.

So dear friends, if I should seem too proud to not request you on my list, it's not because I don't want to but that I'm afraid you don't remember me and feel obliged to. Actually there are several close ones who never even responded.

Yet we all have to understand, absence can make the mind forget and I have been out for two years now Whatever it is, I remember the majority and the minorities that I cannot remember, please forgive my terrible memory banks. And no matter what, my days with you are all memories I love to keep in my banks for as long as I am able to.

See me on the streets, holler. If I don't respond, don't get uptight calling me names but grab me and remind me. You are there, maybe tucked in a tiny corner of the memory banks' walls. Help me dig it out and I assure you, nothing like good memories to bring old friends and acquaintances together. :)

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