Wednesday, 6 October 2010

* coffee natter *

Reaching for the sugar this morning to add a 'dash' into my cup of 2 in 1 coffee from a long cylindrical sachet made me think.
Yes, the idea of 2 in 1 is no sugar but this brand does not have enough creamer and I love extra creamer in my coffee which led me to purchase Coffeemate. Bad, bad move as I was addicted to adding at least 3 spoonfuls to each sachet until I felt my nerves all shot and tingly a couple of days later... and I stopped when I finished the last spoonful.

So to stop the addiction, I started adding a dash of sugar to mask a bit of the bitterness from the coffee. 3 in 1s would be too sweet and adding too much water would just lose the flavour. I did have regular coffee and making a cup the regular way but somehow the coffee granules eventually ended up dark and rock hard from being too lazy to make it the regular way. Haha. Somehow, these sachets finished faster, probably due to their convenience. ;P

Using milk did not give much oomph like creamers do and with creamers I could forgo the sugar. Then again, I may be using the wrong coffee brand. Nescafe I found gave me migraine hence I have had to resort to seeking other brands.

Yet my taste buds for coffee these days have changed where I was able to take strong full bodied flavoured cups but now... a little less strong but if there's extra creamer present.... Mmm...... :)

I found the japanese creamers to be equally addictive and went mental with a bottle I once brought home from there. Made my coffee so.... amazing. Heh heh.

All this about coffee has got me craving for a cup now. Best I stop nattering and go make myself a slightly sugared 2 in 1. * wink *

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