Tuesday, 19 October 2010

* P.O.L *

When in primary school, we had P.O.L class about twice a week. People's Own Language (POL) where we broke up to designated classrooms.
I  had Mandarin class and we were nine. Our 'lao-sher' was male and some of the girls would make silly teasing remarks whenever I went up to his table with my work or questions.

I was never really good at languages and till today, my mandarin is just a spattering of a few words here and there. Could never seem to grasp it well but there are moments when I do manage to catch what is being said. :)

Yet the most memorable comment I remember from this POL teacher was....

He was shaking his head as he checked my work. I have always been the banana person, yellow outside, white inside i.e. chinese outside, speaking english mostly. So I guess I kinda exasperated him sometimes with my work and questions.

Lao-sher : " You know, if the chinese communists ever come here, you'll be the first one they'll hang! " his hand doing the slice at the neck from one side to the other with sound effects!

The whole class laughed so loud and if I could back then.... my school bag would have been on his head! It was embarrasing and funny at the same time I guess.

And that's all I remember mostly from POL till today. How good was he? ;)


  1. yeah yeah...i remember POL too...! i remembered i will run out from class or even hide in toilet just to get away from it..Coz i have no idea what our lao sher talking about..!
    sometimes i cant even escape but to sit and stay on with the class..But my notebook will be full of direct translation of bahasa next to the chinese character where i will have problem readings too..

    haha...good one! thanks for posting this and reminded us back the fun time we used to have!!

  2. Hahaha....you wrote in bahasa, I wrote in english! After awhile they added Catechism and so I cabut there! LOL!

    Thanks for dropping in dear. :)