Sunday, 30 August 2009

* an insane fight with migraine *

~ 30th august 2009 ~

Right. I am having a horrible migraine. Since yesterday.
So why am I blogging???!!

I guess I just don't want it to take over my day which as it is, has already been quite wasted with half the day
laying in bed, too painful to be in an upright position for long. Just before noon I made myself walk and take a shower and waited for lunch from mum's.

Then I took some relievers and parked myself on the sofa with my trusty pc and watched some shows. I know, I should have been asleep or at least resting my eyes but my brain was on overtime and restless and so I thought, " Darn! I was not gonna let this ruin my day. I am already behind my weekend chores as it is. "

I stuck some stuff in the washer, cleared up the place a bit, not too much bending *hahah* and managed to get some things done. When it got too much, I FB. Yes! Started creating new photo albums and sorting out old pics on file. Multitasking at the same time with some crap movies.

Hey, I was fighting the migraine no matter how insane! Sleeping all day would keep me awake throughout the night and I'd be all tired come morning and that would probably bring it back! No, no, no. Not this time.

So now that I am tired of sorting out photos and constantly updating my FB, I decided to blog. Like I said...the brain is overloaded with stuff and it's been for awhile.

Oh, not to forget the insane back aches and knee jams. Shucks! I feel old!! I need a good oiling so I can hear less creaks and groans each time I move valid muscles! The neck, back, arms and legs.

Funny thing is, I seem to eat a lot more at a time with this insane competition and I now feel so full up but can still eat if given the chance. How insane does that sound? Maybe I am insane!! *chuckle!*

Whatever it is, through all the aches and pains and throbbings and burps.... I am not giving in! So take that! Migraine. Grrr.........

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