Monday, 7 September 2009

* Sudden loss *

~ 06th September 2009 ~

Facebook. A fast growing popular site to find friends and check out what's happening. Everyone's posting their thoughts, feelings, notes, questions, etc and even though I now work from home, I can still catch up on what's going on with friends I used to work with. :)

However of late,
there were some sad news. A friend had passed away due to illness and just when everyone was posting RIP comments in FB, this evening another has gone away!

When I saw the name, my heart stopped. It was not possible.... he's too young! I was sure I saw him post an entry recently...... When I confirmed who it was... I was numb, dumb founded and crying. Although I had not seen him for some time but I could see his antics on FB and it always made me smile.

He was such a sweet loving guy, always laughing and seeing the brighter side of things. Fun and helpful, a true friend indeed. I always remember his preference of older women. They are more matured he said. Of course,  I agreed. Ahem ;)

Arriving at his house to pay my respects, there's a huge crowd seated and standing. The flow of people walking in to say their goodbyes at the casket was endless. Many faces I recognised and said hello. Some I shied away as I knew they would not remember me. Low profile....something I tried to maintain when anywhere.

Seated at a table, I watched the crowd getting bigger and bigger. This boy ( he will always be a boy to me, a younger brother ) was loved and respected by many of all ages. A huge soccer fan and an avid sportsman.......he will be missed by all he had touched at some time.

I was half guilty at not being able to cry whilst there but I guess the initial torrent at home was cause of my dry spell. Yet the moment I was driving home, they began to well up again.

On FB, there are so many messages from all over for him. A way for everyone to release their heartache over his sudden departure. Even though he is no longer around to read them but it had in its own way helped ~ well, at least for me; to slowly overcome the shock and emotions that followed. His profile page is filled with wishes and condolences and best of all....memories and heartfelt thanks, a celebration of words for his life amongst us. An outlet for those who cannot make it to pay their final goodbyes. How he was loved and remembered.

Ronald, you've been such a lovely friend to me and I am going to miss you on FB. Who's going to send me eggs from Hatchlings now? They say the good ones will go first and that makes you a good one. :)

Rest in peace buddy, keep the love burning for all of us here and I shall wait for the day when we will meet again.
Glory glory forever bro!  *muah*


  1. Yeah, I am going to miss Ron. He loved that Hatchlings game. Collected lots of eggs from him. Also, we challenged each other with the word games. Really going to miss him.

    I watched him grow up over the years. He was always the sweetest, kindest kid around and grew up to be just the same and a thousand times over.

    It is still a shock to me and tears well up thinking about him.

    Some sweet day, Ron, we will meet again. Till then, sing your heart out (like I always told you to do during our Christmas carolling days) among the angels that keep you company.

  2. The Reaper has been working overtime at MH. First Leroy and now Ronald..both in less than 4 days. Sigh...:(

    Time to take a break Reaper, a long, long break...please...

    Rest in peace my brothers-Leroy & Ronald. You'll both be missed.