Saturday, 19 September 2009

* a sticky situation *

~ 19th September 2009 ~

About a week ago I asked a friend on advice in using wax for hair removal. She gave me some Veet strips and finally I decided to try them out this morning after waiting for my hair to grow a bit longer. Yes, they do take a while :)

I applied some powder she gave me on my underarms before gingerly placing the strips on. Don't know how but I had a bit on my hands as well and it was really, really sticky. So......after rubbing it down in the direction the hair grows, I waited a short while and pulled out in the other direction as how she told me and as instructed on the box.

Hey.......I thought they would be like peeling off a plaster but no, the wax stayed on my skin! WT...??!! And my little bits of hair were kinda curled weirdly but still there!! Mmmmm........ Now what?! Put my arms down they stuck together and lifting up was torture trying to separate skin! Please excuse my exclamation points and slight initialled swear....but funny as it seems now, it was no walk in the woods as my friend said it'd be. It was quite a frightening situation as I was worried my skin would come off!! * Sigh.... *

No water nor soap got rid of it so I took a wet wipe, cut in two and placed one on each side to prevent the sticking. I tell you, it was not my proudest moment. :P Since she had said it was so easy, I had done both arms almost at once hence you can picture me with wet wipes stuck in between my underarms hidden beneath my T-shirt. Yeah funny. Haha.

At this point I had been trying to get my friend on her mobile but they all ended up in her voicemail. I was going a little nuts by now. Thank goodness for Google. Typed in 'removing veet wax' and suddenly I didn't feel so embarrassed and dumb after all! ;) Luckily the solution was easily accessible. Baby oil. :) Use cotton pad and baby oil and rub the area and it'll come off. No pain and easy, clean off with a clean tissue or towel or wash off like I did. Apply some cream or powder to relieve and soothe the area as there was some stinging from the sticking bits. Now I am left with a few weird curly strands. Will have to do the manual later I guess. As for the next time........I foresee probably in the next century or so!

I'm sure some would think it strange for me to blog about this but I have come to terms with the fact that this world could do with a lot of sharing and incidences like these do not happen to me alone. :)

After everything, I sent her this text :
'No worries. Got my armpits back! Haha '

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