Friday, 19 February 2010

* Fundamentals Of Hospitality *

~ 19th February 2010 ~

Today, I was clearing my 2nd room and found a folio I had to prepare at basic training ~
' Personal Profile of FOH '.

Needless to say it was all about:

1. Social skills
2. Documentations
3. Bar Service
4. Food
5. Beverages
6. Documents
7. Miscellanous
8. Short takes

I was touched at the number of pencilled in very good comments by several of my instructors. Made me feel like I was back in school again but then I was never that smart in school as I later was at training cos I somehow seemed to grasp and memorise stuff better than when at school. Mmm....

I was sometimes sought for by my colleagues on memorising guidelines using some strange but easy techniques which I can't remember now but they were so helpful then. If I had learnt to do this earlier in school I would have most definitely made my parents proud each time report card season was around. LOL!

I am amazed at the effort and time I had put into this folio, the background pencilled sketchings and some rather detailed info I obtained from the encyclopedias we have at home. The illustrations I did on some subjects especially in F&B were simple yet uncannily easy to follow. Was most impressed with the process of wine making. Cartoonish yet effective. Even got a comment on it. ;)

Maybe also we had some very nice trainers who managed to fuel some inspiration to do a good job even though it is just an assessment and not added points. But I must admit I nabbed all As in ......Range of evidence of development; Quality of evidence; Quality of grooming & deportment (mmm.....dunno how i got an A here with my famous John Wayne walk & colourful language! Hahah); Classroom participation (not that i had much choice) and Presentation of personal profile.

Anyway, I'm writing from the basking glow of a job well done some 13 and a half years ago since discovering the folio. Tonight, I shall sleep with a smile knowing I had at some point touched some people with my work and tap myself on the back for creating such an interesting piece of work. Hahahha


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