Tuesday, 11 May 2010

* paper houses *

Over here we are constantly plagued by flyers in our mail boxes. They can be one piece or a whole... more or less 20 paged magazine! In a week you can receive a tidy pile of papers and many of these are printed on good quality paper - thick, glossy and slightly nonporous.

Almost everyday, you can be assured there will be two persons, one on each side of the street. A pile of leaflets in their hands or tucked under their arms, these people vary in shapes and ages. Some with caps or hats to protect from the scorching heat as they stop at each house deftly inserting the fliers into the varied mail boxes. I have a free indicator at home to tell me they are approximately eight houses away both sides i.e. my gangster dog! He goes hackly mad and barks non stop whilst they are within his forbidden radius. When he can't smell them anymore, he'll walk in a circle and settle down to sleep.

So you can imagine the papers piling on the table and one of the many good uses for these is the paper house. It is used for holding small bits of rubbish or food wastes and then thrown away. I call them 'house' and you'll see why at the end. I hope the pictures are clear enough to follow. ;)

Use a rectangular sheet of paper and fold it in half. Fold it again in half.


Lift up one half and press down from the top of the center tip to the other end following the middle line to form a triangle.

Repeat on the other side and you'll end up with two triangles.


Next, fold the two sides inwards in the middle and fold up the bottom end like so.


Do the same on the other side and you are done!

Separate the sides outwards whilst adjusting the base and you have an open container for just about any use.


Stack them in an open piece and voila!
The paper house.

HAve a great week you all! ;)

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