Friday, 21 May 2010

* a droolingly fabulous meal *

Yesterday, my neighbour called me asking if I wanted to have nasi briyani for dinner. I paused awhile before asking where at?
She said no, eat at home.

' You're cooking then?? ' I asked.
' No lah.... we brought it back from Singapore. Z's mum cooked....'
' OK! ' i almost shouted in glee not letting her finish as soon as I heard her say Z's mum! :)

I had heard so many stories of what a fantastic cook she is and I couldn't stop myself. Hahah

Dinner was nasi briyani, a sweet acar mix of carrots, cucumbers, garlic, onions and spices; chicken rendang and another acar of pineapples, chillies and spices.

It was a truly superb meal. Compliments to the lovely chef and thank you to my neighbours for sharing with me!

*Burrp..!* Oops....excuse me. ;)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Junoqua, ha ha, always love your humour.
    But regret this dish is not on my list of food I love to eat, include anything Japanese or has cheese, ha ha.
    You have fun and stay beautiful, Lee.