Tuesday, 30 September 2008

* Cake Connections *

~ 30th September 2008 ~

Regarding my recent cake marathon blog, there are a couple of ladies I would like to thank. Without them my buttercream fiasco would have been a disaster as I would have panicked and given up after failing so many times.

Crumb coating and later frosting the cake was no easy task for a novice like me. Baking lessons for me were mainly from friends, family
and good old Google and YouTube! So having participated in their Icing on the Cake class was a boost to my confidence to volunteer such a sizable cake for my friend's birthday. It was almost 2kg including icing.

Cake Connections founded by two lovely ladies ~ Nancy and Shymala. I was told they quit their jobs to venture into this business. We share a mutual friend who used to work with them before. As I am now into baking and experimenting, I was always game for visits to any cake or bakery essentials shop.

Situated at Jaya One in PJ, the ambience that greeted us as we walked in was chic. Bright and spacious, a reception cum cashier cum information counter comfortably greets you from across as you enter the door. Colourful and varied sugar paste flowers of all shapes and designs adorn the shelves on your left. There are also decorative cake toppers for many occassions, pans and moulds, cutters, cake carriers and flours and colour pastes, flavour essences, boxes, containers, etc, etc,etc. Basically what you would need to make a simple good home baked cake with lovely deco to follow. They also have cute candles and sprinklers and a lovely display counter of some awesome creations by others.

Now, behind the shelves, you'll find a glassed in room where classes for many needs are met. Cosy and bright, (Yes, bright is good * chuckle!* ) it would comfortably fit about 10 to 15 people for a hands on class.

I must say I enjoyed the few sessions I have attended and will definitely sign up for more when time permits. The warmth from these two very friendly and helpful ladies is what makes you go back for more. I have learnt a few icing tips from them and hence my recent big adventure. :P

So to everyone reading this, do check out this place when you can. It gives you ideas of what you can do with their products. Sort of challenges you to do something with them. Hahaha.


Nancy and Shymala, thanks for Icing on the Cake. That will be my first confident step to hopefully, a start of a new venture for me. :)

ps: love these candles! ;)

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