Tuesday, 9 September 2008

* Hallelujah! *

~ 09th Sept 2008 ~

I have a rule. I do not blog or share any personal matters online but today, I'm going to make the exception because I believed and it happened and I am so happy.

Someone very very close to me was diagnosed with a brain tumor in may. It was a blow to all of us as she just recovered from her course with breast cancer and her hair had grown back and had a gorgeous cut....

She was on a holiday here in april and we did notice she shuffled mostly causing her to trip clumsily or she felt her writing was all weird. Sometimes, she talked weirdly ...slurring or babbling at the end of sentences.

It got even harder for her to grip things in her right hand after she got back to the UK and she was not feeling herself. So finally in between her work etc, she sought the doctor who did a series of tests and found the lesion in her brain.

It was devastating news to all of us because it was so good to see her back to herself again this trip and to have to start all over again and losing her hair again....etc....it just wasn't fair.

Anyway, mum decided to go over and be there to help and support since she is free to do so. She had two fit attacks on the day mum was due to arrive in the UK. It got everyone pretty worried. She said she was conscious during the entire episodes and was not tired after it passed and could continue with whatever she was doing prior to the attacks. It was probably due to chemical imbalances with the changes in the drugs' dosage she was on. It could be the tumor at where it was lodged. It could have been she was excited to see mum. Many causes but can't confirm, so once again the dosage was changed.

Thank goodness she did not have another episode but mum and her husband were constantly keeping an eye out just in case. It was hard on her as she's such an energiser bunny and to eventually feel tired mostly and unable to do much soon got her frustrations to breaking point.

I was quite comforted by my doctor friends who explained the probable causes of her attacks and also from her own mouth. She said the exact same thing and I was relieved. Yet when mum sms-ed her friends to pray for her etc, there was a sudden panic running around as if death was near!

It got me a bit worked up and I chided mum to be careful what she texts next because people were comparing her situation with those they have known with CA and were speculating her meeting with the reaper was drawing near. I was so stressed out with all the negativity that I developed ulcers within a day.

I was pissed. I told mum to stay positive and never go the other way because she needs all the love and support and positiveness to survive through it. I was in good spirits and told everyone she was waiting to get an appointment for a different procedure. It's called Stereotactic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereotactic_surgery , http://www.irsa.org/radiosurgery.html .
Sorry, I am just too lazy to explain. Heh Heh!

The gist of the story is, this is the text I got from mum this afternooon......' Sept 8 @ 8am St Bath's (Bartholomew's) hosp. 2 surgeons came spoke 2 us n x/plained d t/ment. Fixed d crown n did MRI. Both very happy showed us their thumbs. Taken to Lon. G.K. (Gamma Knife) Centre by ambul. Aft all done we went in 2c. T/ment lasted 1hr n she came out smiling away. Said no pain and all taken to RL hosp 4 1 nite. Home 2day. Able 2 eat. Surgeon told us, I fried d tumor away n none can be seen. Praise God. '

Ironically I was listening to David Archuletta's lovely version of Mariah Carey's When You Believe when I got it and it was all so overwhelming I almost broke down. I held it all in cos I was not at home but I was elated and still am.

I'm home now and have forwarded the sms to those who know and been praying for her. It's comforting to know my friends care for my sister. We can't wait for her to get better and come home this Christmas. God has blessed her with another new beginning and we are so blessed to be able to have those precious moments with her.

Hallelujah Praise God! I am glad I believed. Thank you Jesus. :) Hallelujah!

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  1. Yes, may all the Glory goes to our heavenly Father. Great testimony and may God bless you & family always.