Sunday, 21 September 2008

* who's that dog? *

~ 21st September 2008 ~

Thought I'll leave you with these two cute videos of the pup taken on day 4 with me. It was the first time I finally heard any sounds from him. He was annoyed with the dog that kept staring at him each time he came into the room.

He still had his trust issues with me and never came easily when called. These days he will come only when he knows food and bed are the two main reasons!
Note his right hind dragging along the floor. His thighs were hard like over cooked chicken thighs. I would massage his back legs daily and do some stretching exercises with him.
He must have also injured his ribs cos when i scoop him up under his ribcage, his mouths opens in a silent gasp like. The vet said broken ribs are healed like humans, lots of rest. So now I scoop him under his lower hinds and front legs.

He was so annoyed at his reflection, he went back for another snarl, growl and barking session.

Be assured he has since stopped growling at his reflection but once in a while I've caught him throw a baleful glare at the mirror as he quickly passes by it. :)
P/S: His hinds have healed now. He walks with a slight stoop sometimes, runs very very fast especially when he knows he's going to be reprimanded for something he had done wrong. Ocassionally he limps a while, usually after a long day of roughing it out with Guzz too much. Of course being his age, naturally he is the one who initiates the tumbles and grumbles that sometimes ends in a snooze or a yelp. But not to worry, they are both fine. Guzz the cranky puts the little one in his place whenever he sees fit and the little fella loves his big brother to bits no matter what.

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