Tuesday, 23 September 2008

* designer in the house *

~ 23rd Sept 2008 ~

It's over a month since the little fella's come into our home. He's not the timid little bugger I picked up last month but he still does not warm up easily to people. Something I like so that he won't be easily duped by potential burglars. Unlike my silly Guzz who barks at visitors but it sounds more like "Come nearer so I can nuzzle you!"

He's given quite a lot of freedom now. So much so he has started his itchy baby fangs on my house slippers and casual ones as well. However he seems to enjoy my foam based house slippers and has been redesigning this particular pair quite a bit.

Each day I get home from school, something is missing. When I ditch them aside while I do some things, they disappear to the front mat. This is his creative spot where he gets his creative ideas from.

'Creative?' you say. Yes, I do mean creative. In the period of time he's been at this pair, I am still able to wear it as norm. He has simply chewed out the inner bits of the straps hence leaving a holey hap hazard strappy design. I must admit I have gotten used to the rather roughish surface made from his teeth marks. He has redesigned the border slightly but basically kept its original shape.

So it is not perfectly even but I guess given more time, he will more or less do a decent job of it. Won't you agree there is a designer in the house? :P

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